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The town castle complex

The most noteworthy historical relics are in the castle area - the oldest part of Banská Bystrica. The Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary built in the romanesque style in the 13th century; the most famous chapel by Master Paul of Levoča dedicated to St. Barbora the patroness of miners; the Gothic triptych from the 15th century; metal baptistry from 1475; the ornamental sculptures of St. Andrew; Saints from the Mount of Olives; the decoration of the vaults by J. Schmidt.

The altar      The altar
The carved late-gothic Altarpiece of St. Barbora by Master Paul of Levoča in the Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary

The Church of the Holy Cross was gradually built to the city walls in the castle area together with the Mathias's House and the Town hall in the 15th century. Its main altar with the ornamental sculptures of the Virgin Mary and Magdalene by Vavrinec Dunajský is the main eye catcher in the church.

The Mathias's house The Mathias's House is a five-storey late-Gothic building with a Gothic portal and stone console balcony. On the Facade are the coats of arms of the King Mathias and the town, dated from the year 1479.


In the castle area remained part of the city walls and three bastions - Clerical, Miner's and Parochial are preserved. A tower with the entrance barbican, drawbridge at the entrance to the castle was added to the city walls. There are three heavy bells in the tower. The biggest of them weighs 9900 kg.

The old Town Hall

The Plague column of the Virgin Mary was moved from the square of the Slovak National Uprising to the castle area in the second half of the 60s, in the 1993 it was returned back. The old Town Hall dated from the year 1500 is decorated by Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. The buliding is now the town's main art gallery.

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