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City transport

Coloured public buses and trolleys cover most of the town, linking the suburbs to the city. Tickets are sold by driver where entering the bus. Chip smart card could be used for a payment for city transport since september 2000. After buying ticket at the beginning of the journey, ticket becomes personalised and untransferable, it must be kept until the end of the journey, and must be shown on request of the control staff. Route information and timetables are freely available on every bus station.

Pricelist of tickets:           
  Ticket - smart card 8 Sk
  Half ticket - smart card 4 Sk
  Sizable baggage, dog - smart card 8 Sk
  Ticket at night - smart card 16 Sk
  Half ticket at night - smart card 8 Sk
  Ticket, the 3rd tariff zone - smart card 10 Sk
  Half ticket, the 3rd tariff zone - smart card 5 Sk
  Sizable baggage, dog, the 3rd tariff zone - smart card 10 Sk
  smart card 170 Sk
  Initial hadling charges - smart card 50 Sk
  Using a chip card travellers are allowed to switch different buses
  and troleybuses within 30 minutes transfer limit with 50 % discount
  Ticket sold by driver 10 Sk
  Half ticket sold by driver 5 Sk
  Coach, ski, soldier 0 Sk

The city transport company
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