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Badín (13 km)

Badín village is located in central Slovakia southwest of Banská Bystrica within Kremnica Hills. History of the village is represented by the Gothic church of St. Catherine of Alexandria from the year 1397. The menace of the village in its past were Turkish attacks and therefore the walls to the church were added.
In the second Warld War the second Czechoslovak parachute brigade operated in the village. A memorial to this brigade is on the highway from Banská Bystrica to Zvolen.
The Badín virgin forest is located northwest of the village and occupies the north - eastern slopes of the Kremnica Hills at an altitude of 710-780 metres above sea level. The area was proclaimed as a state natural reservation in 1913. All visitors of virgin forest are admired the majesty of big thick trees. Dominant tree species are fir and beech. The fauna is not investigated completely yet. There occur brown bear, wild pig, red deer, roebuck, lynx, wild cat, voles, fox, marten, shrews, more than 28 species of birds.   >   Surroundings   >   Badín