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Brezno and the Upper Hron region

In the year 2000 the town Brezno celebrates 735th anniversary of the first documents mentioning the settlement.The town lies at a height of 489m above the sea level, in an attractive natural surroundings in the middle part of the Upper Hron River valley. It is surrounded by the slopes of the Low Tatras and Vepor Hills.
The town enjoys a rich history. The late baroque and classical buildings lining the square, outstanding sacral, public buildings and Town tower belong to valuable sights.
Nowadays, the town is the starting point of the trips into centres of slovak travel industry. The busiest tourist centres as Tále, Chopok and Čertovica attract many visitors and offer excellent snow conditions with all the required facilities. In Brezno you can also find ways into undiscovered turist paradise - the Slovak Ore Mountains with uncommon natural conditions, deep forests with rich flora and fauna, hunting and fishing possibilities.   >   Surroundings   >   Brezno and the Upper Hrom region