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Kremnica Hills (Kremnické vrchy)

The Kremnica hills form a geomorphological whole of volcanic origin in Western Carpathian Mountains and stretch in the direction North - South, 32 km and 2 - 20 km wide. The highest peak is Flochová (1318 m). The territory, a rich network of small protected areas, falls in the Váh River-basin in the north and the Hron River-basin in the south. Surface waters fall into the Váh river through a penlike river system of the upper Turiec river.
The front part of the territory is forested (70-80%) and the remaining parts are forestless formations in the west with large meadows and pastures. Climatic conditions are influences by the differences in altitude. Excellent snow conditions in winter contributed to possibility of up building recreational and tourism centres, dynamic development of the tourist traffic. Tourist marked paths and forest roads connect centres and provide a good choise of combining convenient tourist routes.
Nowadys there are many skiing opportunities for beginners and also for proffesionals. Skalka the skiing centre (1227 m) is the venue of annual international crosscountry competition called Biela Stopa. This competition has been organized since 1974, always the second Sunday on February, it is listed in the FIS Calendar and in 1994 it was accepted as a member of EUROLEPPET (European Association of long distance cross country skiing).
Mountain MINCIAR hotel capacity 96 beds, 2-3 bed-rooms with private full bathroom, is situated in the heart of the Kremnica Hills. In the old part of hotel there are boarding-house 4 bed-rooms. The capacity of the restaurant is 96 chairs plus a bar. The capacity of the social hall cafe is 80 guests. Other things to be enjoyed in daily opened hotel Minciar: sauna restroom and fittness for 10 people, thermomasage apparatures and one can also borrow skiing equipment and mountain bikes.
The other possibilities for comfortable accomodation at a qiet place offer one of many rooms in Veterník Hotel, Chata Limba cottage, Centrál Hotel in the region.


Hotel Minciar, phone: +421 0857 6744-124

Hotel Veterník, phone: +421 0857 6742-2709

Chata Limba, phone: +421 0857 6743-972

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