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Šachtičky is the important sports resort of summer and winter sports activities for inhabitants of the town of Banská Bystrica. The skiing centre is situated behind the hill "Pánsky diel". A hotel, chalets, cross-country ski trails, downhill runs, four ski-tows with access from public roads, a parking lot, buffet and ski-service are features of Šachticky. A marked path leads from Šachticky through Špania Dolina to Donovaly and is suitable for hiking and cross-country skiing.

Hotel Šachtička,
Inovecká 11, 974 01 B.Bystrica,phone: +421 88 414 19 11,Fax: +421 88 414 56 70

Lyžiarsky klub Šachtičky,
Cesta ku Smrečine 5, 974 01 B.Bystrica, phone: +421 88 414 56 68   >   Surroundings   >   Špania Dolina a Šachtičky