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The Square of the Slovak National Uprising

The SNP square The Square of the Slovak National Uprising is a natural centre of the town. In the upper part there is a clock tower dated from the year 1552. During the last reconstruction it deviated from the vertical axis by 60 cm. The tower was used as a watch tower in the past and the bugler's concerts were heard from it in the 18th and 19th century.

The Church of St. Francis Xavier

The Church of St. Francis Xavier with many valuable monuments in its interior, was built in 1715. The building is a duplicate of the church II Gesu in Rome. In the front part of the church two towers were built in 1844.

The most beautiful house on the square is Thurzo's House. It is formed from two Gothic houses completed with some Renaissance elements. Gothic portals, a wooden beam ceiling, wall paintings of "the Last Court" and "Suzanne in the Bath" and two coats of arms of the family of Anjou and Corvin belong to the most precious pieces of art. In present the building is the seat of the Central Slovak Museum.

The SNP square The House No.7 is remarkable for its black and white appearance. In the archway there is a fragment of a medieval wall painting. Nowadays there are exhibition halls of the Central Slovak Gallery there.

Benicky's House - one of the most beautiful houses on the square.
The Bishop's Palace was built in 1787 under the reign of Berchtold, the head of the district administration. It was the residence of the catholic bishop Stefan Moyzes, the first chairman of Matica Slovenská (the Slovak Foundation). In recent years a memorial tablet to Stefan Moyzes was placed on the building.

No.22 is remarkable for its precious portal and vaults, Renaissance bay from 1636 and for the works of art by the sculptor Jan Weinhardt from Spisske Vlachy.

You can see the black obelisk - the monument to the Soviet Army in the lower part of the square, followed by a Fountain in the center and the Plague column of the Virgin Mary in the upper end of the square.

The SNP square - the plague column      The SNP square - the obelisk
The square - upper part .               The square - lower part.

The SNP square - left part      The SNP square in the night
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