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Thurzo's House

The most beautiful house on the square is theThurzo's House. The history of the town becomes closely connected with the Thurzo family. In the 15th century, the rich miner proprietor and burgher J.Thurzo was associated with the Augsburgh family of Fuggers and rented almost all mines in the surroundings. The Thurzo-Fugger Mining Company exported copper to the largest European trade centres.

The Thurzo's House

The Thurzo's House was formed from two Gothic houses and completed with Renaissance elements. Gothic portals, a wooden beam ceiling, wall paintings of "the Last Court" and "Suzanne in the Bath" and two coats of arms of the family of Anjou and Corvin belong to the most precious pieces of art. In present the building is the seat of the Central Slovak Museum.

Frescos in the Thurzo's House:
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