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Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry)

The National Park Low Tatras occupies the upper part of the Low Tatras and the hills Staré Hory. Its protective belt reaches between the Váh and Hron River valleys. The main ridge is 80 km long, the highest peak is Ďumbier, 2 043 m above sea. Interesting features of original nature are protected in 11 small-area protected territories. An interesting glacial and periglacial relief, plant associations of the mountainous, subalpine and alpine belt and in addition to the ordinary game, also large beasts of prey occur in the forested hills of the Low Tatras. Local predators include weasels, lynxes, foxes, wolves, wild cats, martens. Also species of bird have found a place here: hawks, falcons, golden eagles, owls and wall creepers also live here.
Noteworthy features are karst areas, especially the high-mountain karst of Ďumbier, the Bystrá karst with the Bystrianska cave and the most important Demänovský karst. The world famous Demänova Ice Cave is holding the record in number of visitors per year. The National Park is a highly valuable natural, landscape, cultural-historical, but also recreational and economic complex. There are the tourist centres on the southern part of the Low Tatras,as Tále and Krpáčovo. Income from tourism helped to put up the hotels Kosodrevina, Srdiečko, Partizán, Trangoška and also many of motels, trailer camps, bungalows, chair-lifts and ski-tows.

Skiing in the Low Tatras
The Low Tatras can hardly be bettered as a venue for relaxation and recreation. An abundance of outstanding terrain, equipped with ski lifts and tows, caters for demanding skiers and novices alike. The slopes are concentrated mostly on the flanks of the main ridge, which offer the greatest altitude differences. The principal ski centres are Jasná-Chopok-Srdiečko, Čertovica-Vyšná Boca and Tále.


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Čertovica, phone: +421 0844 22 418, 29 21 24, 529 11 24

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