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Turecká and Krížna (19 km)

This small village, a centre of tourism and skiing is located in a narrow valley in the Velká Fatra, not far from the village of Staré Hory and only 15 km north of Banská Bystrica. Some original miners and coalmen houses have been converted into weekend cottages. There has been a lot of tourism development in this area, especially after building a chair lift which leads from the village to the top of Krížna hill (1574 m).
Besides the chair lift there are also some ski-tows on the slopes of Krížna hill. The slopes of Krížna hill are sheer and created by avalanches. In the village avalanches were observed many times. Krížna, with the main summer attracion - beautiful flowers attract many poeple.
A picturesque country village once a year pass through an explosion of festivity in honour of the Slovaks - a unique championship of two person sleds at Krížna hill and Turecká called Krňačky and the World championship of Cooking and Eating Brydzové Halušky in Turecká.   >   Surroundings   >   Turecká