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Špania Dolina (13 km)

Špania dolina has the most beautiful location of all villages in the Banská Bystrica surroundings. It is situated a few kilometres from the main road leading from Pohronie to Považie. Copper mining in Špania Dolina disappeared at the end of the 14th century. Galleries and a knocker from the 16th century remind us of the mining tradition.
Turists attract a cathedral which originated after the rebuilding of the Roman Church in 1953. The dominant feature of this valley is a white church with a shingle roof. Small miner's houses, standing around the church and also on the hill on the opposite side, are well preserved within the declared Monument Reserve.
Špania Dolina is well known for its bobbin-lacework. In summer women make lace outside in the streets. Their lace has been admired at fairs in Montreal, Leipzig and many others market places all over the world.
Špania Dolina was declared a reserve of folk architecture in 1960.

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