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Tajov (8 km)

The village is a nice place to stay for those who like the quiet of the countryside. Famous Slovak writer and editor Jozef Gregor took his third name Tajovský from the village of Tajov, when he was born. Nowadays the historical exposition was installed in writer's house, where he spent the most beautiful period of his life. He and his wife Hana Gregorová are buried in the village.
Jozef Murgaš, an inventor in the field of radiotelegraphy, was also born in Tajov. He registred twelve patents in the USA, where he lived for many years. His memorable room is in an old school at Tajov Square, in the neighbourhood of J. G. Tajovský's house. An unknown wood-carver, who is mentioned in literature as a Master from Tajov, worked here too.
The village is dominated by its church, the oldest building in Tajov. It was Gothic originally, then rebuilt and enlarged in the Renaissance style, and in the 18th century in the Baroque style.
There is a camp-site, a restaurant, and two ski-tows above the village - in Kordíky direction. The road rises up to the tourist cottage, situated 770 metres above sea. A lot of tourist trails lead to the range of the Kremnica mountains.   >   Surroundings   >   Tajov